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Short Bio

Gabriel Bienczycki is an LA based Director and a Cinematographer. Born in Poland he grew up in an artistic family of musicians, architects and visual artists. He graduated from National Ballet School in Bytom and went on to be a successful modern dancer and choreographer in a range of dance companies in Germany, Canada, Portugal and the US. During his stint at Edouard Lock’s Lalala Human Steps in Montreal he first encountered a serious approach to translation of stage experience to camera. A few years later, in his own dance company Seven in Philadelphia, he produced half of the work for stage and half for film. This attempt of translation into a new media created a language that allowed dance to remain impactful on screen and free it from the confines of stage both on film and in still photography.

Currently, Gabriel works in many types of media such as feature and documentary film, music video and commercial spots but his approach to capturing movement and human body remains his visual cornerstone.

His collaboration with Path and the Gates Foundation also takes him on humanitarian expeditions to Africa in India and his love of technology takes him on commercial jobs with tech companies like Dell, Microsoft, XBox, Intel, and SunPower. Gabriel also shoots food, beverage and lifestyle still and video campaigns for Starbucks and Yard House.

In 2015 he directed photography on a season of MTV’s Rebel Music in Turkey, Myanmar and Canada as well as two standalone documentaries, Billy Luther’s Red Lake and Chris McKim’s Out of Iraq which opened at LA Film Festival in 2016.

In 2016 in collaboration with Aaron Bear he co-directed a feature documentary which followed a transition of a transgender person over a period of three years. Finding Kim premiered at Seattle International Film Festival.

He’s currently in production on his writer/director debut, a feature film titled Milos and the Turtle as well as a second collaboration with Aaron Bear on a documentary about the death and legacy of one of Microsoft’s founders and LGBT philanthropist Ric Weiland.





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